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TED Stage Talk2,963
TED-Ed Original1,010
TEDx Talk756
TED Institute Talk240
Original Content197
TED Salon Talk (partner)92
Best of Web45
Podcast (audio only)2
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About TCSE

TCSE is a search engine specializing in exploring transcripts of TED Talk. It has been created for educational and scientific purposes. TCSE uses data provided by TED under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND license, but it is not an official service of TED.

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 TCSE Bibliography

Using and Citing TCSE

TCSE is created by Yoichiro Hasebe at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan and made available free for non-commercial educational and scientific use. Please cite one of the following when you publish work which utilizes TCSE.

 Hasebe, Yoichiro (2015) Design and Implementation of an Online Corpus of Presentation Transcripts of TED Talks. Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences 198(24), 174–182.


  • Special thanks to TED for being a great resource for language learners, educators, and researchers.
  • Thanks to Mura Nava (EFL Notes) for continuous feedback.
  • Thanks to Daisuke Nonaka for suggesting practical use cases of TCSE in his paper on TCSE.
  • Development of this system was partially supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists (B) Number 25870898 and Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) 18K00670

TCSE Specifications

TCSE Version10.0.4
Date of talk data compilationDecember 24, 2023
English POS-Tagger / Syntactic ParserspaCy 3.72

Statistics of English Transcripts

Number of talks 5,305
Number of segments1,164,910
Number of expanded segments546,023
Number of elements10,580,358
Number of lexical items98,922

Number of Translated Talks

Arabic5,230 talks
Bulgarian2,281 talks
Burmese1,586 talks
Chinese, Simplified5,141 talks
Chinese, Traditional4,897 talks
Croatian2,023 talks
Czech1,733 talks
Dutch3,091 talks
French5,130 talks
German3,202 talks
Greek3,140 talks
Hebrew4,055 talks
Hindi1,011 talks
Hungarian3,479 talks
Indonesian3,123 talks
Italian4,641 talks
Japanese4,299 talks
Korean4,943 talks
Kurdish1,288 talks
Northern Kurdish1,116 talks
Persian3,831 talks
Polish3,624 talks
Portuguese4,597 talks
Portuguese, Brazilian4,859 talks
Romanian3,668 talks
Russian4,586 talks
Serbian2,865 talks
Slovak1,107 talks
Spanish5,253 talks
Swedish1,295 talks
Thai2,175 talks
Turkish4,673 talks
Ukrainian2,258 talks
Vietnamese4,618 talks

Video Control Tips

How to skip to a specific segment

  1. Pause the video. (Otherwise you can see only closely adjacent segments.)
  2. Locate the segment that you like to skip to and click on it.

How to adjust sync between video and transcript

Sometimes video and transcript are not in sync for some reason. For such cases, the following solution is available on TCSE:

  1. Pause the video. (Otherwise you can see only closely adjacent segments.)
  2. Locate the segment that is expected to be played when the video is resumed
  3. Click on the "adjust" button of the segment,

About Advanced Search

Advanced search is available only in English.

 List of English POS tags

POS keys are specified either fully ({vb}) or partially ({v}).
An advanced search query string cannot consist only of POS keys.

Advanced Search Syntax

Part of Speech{POS}
Surface + Part of SpeechSURFACE{POS}
(with no spaces in-between)
Lemma + Part of Speech[LEMMA]{POS}
(with no spaces in-between)
Logical Disjunction (OR)A|B
Segment Onset (Beginning)^
Noun Chunk_
Negative Match-X
Wild Card (matching exactly one element/word)-_
Wild Card (matching variable length of strings)*

Advanced Search Examples

excite, excites, excited, exciting
Noun, any kind
Verb, any kind
to * surprise
to our surprise
to his surprise, etc.
[read] {det} [news|paper|article]
they read these articles
reading the paper or something
I'm reading the news at six, etc.
^ having {verb}
Having started the process,
Having said that, etc.
an aunt offered financial help,
we called people for help, etc.
[get] -rid of
get outside of
get ahead of
got tired of, etc.
[make] _ -_
made a bad design good.
make this happen.
make your life miserable., etc.
[give] _ _
give you an example
gave her a gift
give the government any further excuse, etc.