POS Legend

cf. https://www.ling.upenn.edu/courses/Fall_2003/ling001/penn_treebank_pos.html

Tag DescriptionExamples
cc Coordinating conjunction and, but, or, either, nor
cd Cardinal number one, two, three, million, billion
dt Determiner the, a, this, that, these
ex Existential there there
in Preposition or subordinating conjunction of, in, that, for, with
jj Adjective other, many, little, first, good
md Modal can, would, will, could, should
nn Noun people, time, world, way, thing
pd Predeterminer all, half, such
pr Personal pronoun I, it, you, we, they
rb Adverb not, so, now, just, very
rp Particle up, out, down, off, on
to to to
uh Interjection well, oh, yes, not, okay
vb Verb be, have, do, go, know
wd Wh-determiner that, which, whatever, what, whichever
wp Wh-pronoun what, who, whose, whom, whoever
wr Wh-adverb when, how, where, why, whenever