Kristen Bell + Giant Ant: Where does all the carbon we release go?

Recorded atOctober 10, 2020
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SpeakerKristen Bell + Giant Ant

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A brief answer to one of the key questions about climate change: Where does all the carbon we release go? (Written by Myles Allen, David Biello and George Zaidan)

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100:01 Where does all the carbon we release go?
200:04 Carbon works in a natural cycle, present in all living things:
300:07 in the soil, in the oceans, in the atmosphere
400:10 and in rocks deep underground.
500:13 When plants and other living things die,
600:15 much of their stored carbon makes its way back to the atmosphere
700:19 until new plants grow and reabsorb the carbon.
800:23 But over millions of years,
900:24 some of the carbon stored in ancient trees and sea life becomes rock
1000:28 and some becomes fossil fuels:
1100:31 coal, oil and natural gas.
1200:34 Natural events like volcanic eruptions
1300:36 release some of the carbon trapped in rock.
1400:39 And human activities, like burning fossil fuels,
1500:42 also release some of that prehistoric carbon.
1600:45 Today, humans release around 60 times more carbon
1700:49 than all the volcanoes on the planet each year.
1800:52 That overloads Earth's carbon cycle
1900:54 and builds up in the atmosphere
2000:56 and oceans.
2100:57 Planting more trees will help, but trees alone can't get us to net zero.
2201:02 There's only one sure way to stop global warming.
2301:06 We must stop releasing this excess carbon into our air.
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