Alexis Nikole Nelson: A flavorful field guide to foraging

Recorded atApril 10, 2022
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SpeakerAlexis Nikole Nelson

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Whether it's dandelions blooming in your backyard or purslane sprouting from the sidewalk, vegan forager Alexis Nikole Nelson is on a mission to show how freely growing flora could make its way to your plate. With contagious enthusiasm and a live cooking demo, she explains the benefits of expanding your palate to include "wild" foods that are delicious, nutritious and planet-friendly -- and gives three tips for helping others go from skeptical to confident in their own food adventures.

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100:04 If a vegan falls in the forest ... (Laughter)
200:09 And no one's there to hear them say, "I'm vegan!"
300:15 (Laughter)
400:18 Are they even really vegan?
500:20 (Laughter) (Laughter and applause)
600:29 I like to preface conversations about my dietary habits with jokes because brains love the ha-has and because sometimes you say the word "vegan" and people get a little afraid.
700:48 Their mind immediately conjures this nonexistent super vegan who's an amalgam of every annoying thing they've ever heard a vegan say.
801:00 (Laughter)
901:02 And at that point, they're checked out.
1001:06 Now if you've managed to somehow avoid the zeitgeist for the last 15 or 20 years, one, tell me how.
1101:14 (Laughter) Two, I will tell you what vegan means, because I'm sure you're dying to know.
1201:24 So vegan is both a diet completely free of animal products and a person who follows that diet, often used interchangeably with "plant-based."
1301:36 But plant-based means "vegan" but not vegan.
1401:41 (Laughter)
1501:43 Like, not necessarily done to decrease animal suffering per se, but maybe to help one's health.
1601:51 But that is not the argument we came to have today.
1701:56 No siree, Bob.
1801:57 (Laughter)
1901:59 I see some sweet-spot minds looking to tussle.
2002:02 Not at my TED Talk.
2102:04 (Laughter)
2202:09 Now I am an outdoor educator, I am a wild food forager, I am a reluctant social media star.
2302:19 (Laughter)
2402:21 And yes, I am a vegan.
2502:24 Audience: Whoo!
2602:26 Thank you.
2702:27 That's not the reaction I usually get.
2802:29 (Laughter)
2902:31 At the age of five, upon realizing that the cows in the fields and the cows on my dad's grill were the same cows ... (Laughter)
3002:41 I asked my parents if I could go vegetarian.
3102:45 To which they said, "Sure, but let's wait until you're done growing first."
3202:51 So sure that I would change my mind over the next five to nine years.
3302:58 Well.
3403:00 Shortly after my 12th birthday, I took the plunge, and I gave up meat completely.
3503:06 It took another 12 years for me to give up eggs and dairy.
3603:09 And now between the veganism and the foraging, I have one of the more eclectic pantries in the world.
3703:20 (Video) Meet the Indigo Milk Cap.
3803:23 Let's make a fancy dessert out of seaweed.
3903:26 Here is a mimosa tree.
4003:27 Please be a puffball! Please be a puffball!
4103:30 (Laughter)
4203:31 It was a puffball.
4303:34 Now, foraging is the art/science of identifying, collecting and eating wild food.
4403:43 So if anyone's ever convinced you to try dandelions or wood sorrel, congratulations, you're a forager too.
4503:53 When my mom told me that there was a bunch of free food hanging out in lawns and sidewalks ... (Laughter) my mind was blown.
4604:05 All these free fruits, veggies and fungi that didn't require your water, didn’t require your time and often were healthier than their counterparts in the grocery store.
4704:18 Cute little fun fact just between us, we did this thing over the last 100 years where we bred foods to travel easier, be bigger, taste milder.
4804:28 And that often breeds out the nutrition.
4904:34 Let's take, for example, Purslane or Verdolagas, if you are in a Spanish-speaking part of the Americas.
5004:42 It is a weed that grows out of sidewalk cracks in the summertime.
5104:49 It is chock-full of Omega-3s, and it ain’t a fish.
5204:53 Iron, get out of here, Popeye.
5304:56 (Laughter)
5404:57 And vitamin C, your immune system will thank you.
5505:01 Sometimes I will just stand in my neighborhood, looking at the ground like.
5605:07 (Laughter)
5705:11 And I'm baffled that no one else seems to care.
5805:17 Now I am a forager and a vegan for much the same reason.
5905:23 My love of this planet and its inhabitants.
6005:27 But let me tell you, between those two identifiers, it's pretty hard to get people to try my food.
6105:35 (Laughter)
6205:38 You tell someone something's vegan and you're already met with skepticism.
6305:43 Tell them it’s vegan and you pulled half of it out of the ground ...
6405:47 (Laughter)
6505:49 It's a tough sell.
6605:52 So today I'm going to give all of you my tips, my tricks on getting people to expand their palette and try wild vegan foods consensually.
6706:03 (Laughter)
6806:05 This is not the Lying Liar show.
6906:09 It is the Slightly Annoying but Ultimately Lovable Tall Vegan show.
7006:12 (Laughter)
7106:15 So today we are going to be making a snack that happens to be vegan, happens to be great for the planet, happens to use one of my favorite ingredients.
7206:25 We are making sweet and salty kelp chips, a Korean snack known as Dasima Twigak.
7306:32 Oh, thank you.
7406:34 A "woo" for the pronunciation, I was worried about it.
7506:37 (Laughter)
7606:40 Now I know all of y'all's kids are obsessed with those nori seaweed snacks, so why not kick it up a notch --
7706:47 Sorry -- (Laughter) With a locally foraged ingredient: bull kelp.
7806:58 I foraged this right here in Vancouver.
7907:01 (Applause and cheers)
8007:06 Now I'm going to go and start chipifying this seaweed.
8107:11 Very official kitchen shears.
8207:14 And while I'm doing that, I'm going to give you my first tip.
8307:21 When introducing a dish to skeptical mouths, it is best to use a dish that is not pretending to be something else.
8407:31 (Applause)
8507:32 You know.
8607:34 That way, they have no prior associations, no memories to be comparing it to of their mother's version of it.
8707:43 (Laughter)
8807:45 Maybe they have no opinions about it at all.
8907:48 I'm going to spritz these with a little sunflower oil.
9007:52 Ooh. Smokey.
9107:57 Now, seaweed and sea vegetables in general are a very exciting food space.
9208:06 They don't require fresh water.
9308:10 They don't require fertilizer.
9408:11 They don't even require land.
9508:14 They're just hanging out in the salty seas, creating ecosystems, creating oxygen for all of us to breathe, and creating these amino acid-rich snacks.
9608:24 In this day and age, seaweed is truly future-minded food.
9708:28 They're an option I wish more people would reach for, as runoff, water access, labor issues and monoculturing plague a lot of modern agriculture here in North America.
9808:41 Yeah.
9908:43 (Applause)
10008:45 Also they taste real good.
10108:49 Those amino acids do a lot more than adding umami to your dishes.
10208:54 Bull help on average packs 15.3 percent protein by weight.
10309:00 That is for everyone who asks where vegans get their protein from.
10409:06 We're fine.
10509:07 (Laughter)
10609:11 Now as I said before, this dish is nothing new.
10709:15 It's a popular bar snack in parts of Korea, and we actually have a lot of accidentally vegan recipes historically.
10809:25 And the reason for that is because up until recently, we did not eat this much meat.
10909:30 Which is going to lead to my second tip.
11009:34 It's a little spicy, a little touchy.
11109:36 Hopefully the promise of a food reveal will get you all through it.
11209:42 And it is this.
11309:44 Explain to your friends that the way that we are eating is not sustainable.
11409:50 Yeah.
11509:51 (Applause)
11609:53 It's not.
11709:54 (Applause)
11809:55 As we are constantly reaching for more land and more fresh water, we have set a precedent that our planet can not keep up with.
11910:07 Tell them you are not trying to change their entire life.
12010:10 You just want them to be a bit more thoughtful with some of their choices, to go for those kelp chips instead of maybe pork rinds from the convenience store.
12110:20 I find that introducing people to wild foods in their area is an excellent way to foster their connection to their food.
12210:29 And it's a way that fosters that connection over shame.
12310:33 And it shares a snack instead of an infographic or a shocking piece of media.
12410:42 Now moment of truth time.
12510:44 Let's see how these guys are doing in here.
12610:48 Oh, yes, this will do nicely.
12710:53 Now I'm going to be real real with all of you because I would never not be real real with you.
12811:00 Some people ...
12911:02 OK, get out of there, babies.
13011:07 (Laughter)
13111:10 Some people are going to be salty.
13211:14 And that's a funny thing for me to say, because this is salt.
13311:17 (Laughter)
13411:20 And that's just the way it goes, we don't get to choose the pace at which people change, if they choose to change at all.
13511:30 But, some people -- this is sugar -- will be sweet.
13611:38 They will appreciate you for meeting them where they are.
13711:43 For sharing a snack and a smile, and maybe you extending that bit of compassion to them will make them make some big changes moving forward in their life.
13811:56 And who knows, maybe next time they'll be gutsy enough to try acorn cheese or something.
13912:03 So share that snack.
14012:06 And make that memory.
14112:08 Thank you all so much for coming to my talk.
14212:13 Ooh.
14312:15 That was a nice crunch.
14412:16 Happy snacking.
14512:18 Don't die.
14612:19 (Cheers and applause)